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About Kristi

At her core, Kristi is a creative and thoughtful person who is always looking for solutions to help and guide individuals and families through some of the most common troubles they might face. With more than 25 years of professional experience in human resources and benefits, she understands the core issues her clients deal with, especially when it comes to insurance and other benefits. Her decades of growing have helped her quickly realize just how complicated health and life insurance can be, even for an industry expert.

Now, knowing that clients may not always have the proper protection, Kristi prides herself in her ability to solve even the most difficult puzzles. She’s passionate about finding answers that can provide both protection and growth for her clients, offering them a lifeboat through their struggles while providing for the future.

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, Kristi has experience as a CEO and business owner designing products that help families live life to the fullest. As a mother of five girls, she knows what it takes to raise and protect a family, and when she encounters a problem that doesn’t have a built-in solution, Kristi gets to work. That ability to intuitively seek answers led her to starting Health Coverage for Life, and she couldn’t be happier in her current endeavor.

Let Kristi be your personal guide to a healthier life! She can help you feel confident in your coverage with the right insurance plan for you, your family and your business!

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Her Story

Our founder, Kristi Gorinas, introduces Healthy Coverage for Life. We use a unique, custom approach that suits you, your family and your business to properly address your needs. Then, we can help you find healthiness, happiness and safety, all while considering your budget.

As Seen On TV

News outlets have consulted our founder on retirement topics and how to prepare for emergencies by using insurance solutions. Watch Kristi’s appearances below!

Kristi Gorinas Talks Trouble and Frustrations with Insurance on 11Alive 6m28s

Kristi Gorinas, discusses common obstacles and challenges with insurance on 11Alive.

Kristi Gorinas of Healthy Coverage for Life Discusses Investor Confidence 3m17s

Kristi Gorinas joins Retirement News Online for a discussion about investor confidence.

Kristi Gorinas of Healthy Coverage for Life on Retirement Income Planning 3m18s

Kristi Gorinas joins Retirement News Online to go over retirement income planning.

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