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What an Annuity Can Do

Healthy Coverage for Life believes in annuities as valuable tools for your retirement. They can diversify your portfolio with a unique asset class that offers protection AND growth guaranteed by the issuing insurance company. Though results may vary based on products, carriers, time and further aspects of each annuity product, here’s a quick hypothetical situation to show you how an annuity might be able to work for you:

It’s important to remember that this example is product specific and is purely hypothetical. Bonuses and crediting rates are subject to change on a yearly and product-by-product basis. Actual results may vary. Guarantees are made by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

The annuity can also provide income for your entire life, even if you live to 150 years old! If you’re interested in experiencing this type of growth and protection to fund a safe and secure retirement, we can help you explore a variety of options!

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